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Current Price Metro Indianapolis area 1.39 includes all taxes and fees.

Available nationwide by request.


Business owners and fleet managers all know that in the competitive business world profit margins can be thin so anything that can improve you bottom line should at the very minimum warrant a look


If you operate a fleet of vans or trucks you know that fuel costs are a major part of your budget and one way of managing those costs can be found in the world of LPG fuel. In the last few years an opportunity has emerged that is rewriting fuel budgets. Not natural gas, but its cousin that we are all familiar with LPG. They come in both dedicated LPG fuel or the very popular Bi-fuel NEVER STRANDED model that keeps the existing gasoline on board at the ready with the touch of a button. Major corporations are now driving both new trucks and retrofitted vehicles to the tune of 350,000 on the road in the US alone. Indianapolis just added 100 school buses last summer and will eventually have them all by 2022 and the Indiana DOT in 2012 built 115 stations just for themselves. What do they know? Our company is the expert on this new automotive fuel as fuel production, Dispensing equipment and both new truck and retrofit vehicles. The opportunity exists for free fueling stations at home base or along the route if necessary. Please contact us for details.


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We have new trucks and vans for sale or lease and or we have the expertise to convert over your existing fleet.
LPG Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world, with approximately 16 million of 600 million passenger cars powered using the fuel

contact us at or 317-641-3945 for a private discussion on bringing more money to your bottom line and details on the best way to include LPG in your fleet