Our Advantages

1Make money now.

Our NgL104 conversion training and equipment makes you profitable in days, not months.

2 Education.

Sessions can be at your shop or in our offices. Contact us for details’

3Where to buy Fuel.

Where do you want it?  We build infrastructure to support your installation center and customer base.

Our Mission

To train and teach the skills necessary in making your automotive repair shop profitable in the alternative energy business. Explaining the pros and cons of LPG vs CNG/LNG and the benefits of NgL104 as the better solution for todays LPG kits.

To provide the most advanced and dependable Technical knowledge available. We are proud suppliers of VERSUSGAS system but have many other systems available, Certified, Approved and or Exempted. VERSUSGAS Systems by our research and testing has shown this to one of the best Bi-fuel conversion kits available. Its ability to not only perform to specs but the ease of calibration thanks to its self calibrating features. Some others kit require the technician to ride with a laptop to make fuel adjustments. The VERSUSGAS software reads measures and adjusts injector timing as a technician would. If we didn’t know better we would have to call it magic. Call us for a test drive and we will show your shop this magic as well.

Remember as fuel costs increase, demand will become stronger. As a Shop you will be installing or working on these conversions or you can watch as your competitors do.  Either way it’s coming.




Our Values

We are committed to bringing the highest level of honesty and integrity to this industry.

We will openly share knowledge not just  marketing and success stories but also and more importantly mistakes  made and how to avoid them.

We recognize that our success can only be achieved if you are successful.

We are committed to providing the highest quality products and workmanship with an emphasis on continuously improving.

We are committed to earning our customers trust and confidence.

We are committed to our partners around the country and the growth of their business through excellent operating systems and support. We are not your competition but support partners.

We are committed to our community being environmentally conscious and responsible corporate citizens.